The Future of Fitness

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Fitness inventor, Sebastien Lagree embarks on a journey to explore the now booming fitness industry. Lagree travels the U.S., interviewing some of the fitness world's movers and shakers to help him shed some light on the current state of the fitness industry, its history, its most pervasive problems and its foreseeable future - which he's hoping to influence with his own unique take on the problem.

Project Details

This indie feature-length documentary was cut from over 250 hours of source footage (over 18TB of raw media). The original crew had been accumulating footage and interviews for around 5 years and, as many docs do, it had a really rough time in post. I was hired to see if there was any way of salvaging the story and pulling the project out of its workflow issues. I spent over a year with the director reverse-engineering, re-writing, and editing the film to end a five-year production purgatory.

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Currently unreleased