Script Supervisors



If possible, take notes electronically using ScriptE or a generic spreadsheet app (Numbers, Excel, or Google Sheets).

Of the generic options Google Sheets is preferred as it can offer shared access to an always up-to-date folder of generated production documents.

If you choose one of the generic note-taking options over ScriptE I'll provide you with a template.

This is how the template should look when populated and further below are descriptions of how to correctly use each field.

If you have any questions for me don't hesitate to get in touch.




Clip Name | A001C001

• Exactly how the camera names it
• Varies depending on camera


Scene | 01A or 001A

• Two digits if there are under 100 scenes
• Three digits if there are over 100 scenes


Take | 01

• Two digits


Note | NG; Boom in shot; 60FPS

• Separate comments with a semicolon
• Ideally there should be at least one "Good" or "Favorite" take for every scene


Favorite | 5

• Fill only for "Good" or "Favorite" takes
• Otherwise leave blank


Reject | 1

• Fill only for a "False Take"
• Otherwise leave blank


Camera Name | A or B or C, etc

• Fill only for shots with multiple cameras
• Otherwise leave blank


Camera Angle | M, OTS, CU, etc

• The usual suspects


Roll | A001

• Exactly how the camera names it


Date | 20180601





Why Take Notes This Way?

This approach allows me to use a workflow where I can batch rename all ingested clips using the spreadsheet. The same process syncs all included notes and anything else in the spreadsheet to every clip as searchable metadata.

What About The Other Fields?

If it isn't specified on this page leave it blank.


Keep a shared folder on Google Docs. For every shooting day make a copy of the template and name it appropriately.